June 2022 MCBeth: A Measurement Based Quantum Programming Language, Qunity: A Unified Language for Quantum and Classical Computing, Q# as a Quantum Algorithmic Language, and VyZX: A Vision for Verifying the ZX Calculus were all accepted as talks at QPL 2022!

April 2022 I gave the keynote Writing and Verifying a Quantum Optimizing Compiler at Compiler Correctness 2022.

March 2022 The Chicago Quantum Programming Languages Laboratory (ChiQP) now has its own website! Thanks to Kartik Singhal for his hard work in setting this up.

January 2022 Gave a talk at the Quantum Computing Center on Quantum Programming Languages: What they are and what they could be. Video to follow!

December 2021 Kartik’s Quantum PL & Verification Bibliography now contains a quantum programming languages pronunciation guide! Yes, QISKIT is messing with you.

October 2021 Held an Ask Me Anything at SPLASH!

July 2021: PLanQC 2021 was a tremendous success! Thanks to my coorganizers, Matt Amy and Ross Duncan, who helped put together such an amazing program, and to the organizers of PLDI 2021! And congrats to everyone (including my collaborators) who got to present!

March 2021: Our follow-up work to VOQC, demonstrating the power of the SQIR programming language and verification tool, was accepted to ITP 2021!

January 2021: VOQC wins a Distinguished Paper award at POPL 2021! Write-ups by UMD, UChicago, and us on the SIGPLAN blog!